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Customer Testimonials

"Amazing prouct!  It won't scratch my trumpet like cheap ones and it keeps the finish perfect." - Douglas

"Looking at the list of choices I was overwhelmed. What a selection! I have always been used to doing the lace up, but I use Velcro on everything else... So I got one of each. I put the Velcro Basic on my Getzen C and the lace up on my Strad. Both are fantastic, but I never thought I'd find such a high quality guard which fits so snugly. Go ahead and look in your local music store or on line and you will be hard pressed to find anything as nice and so reasonably priced. The Velcro fits end to end perfectly while the lace up leaves a small gap. I think I've been converted.

This is a beautiful addition to any horn, and will provide years of protection too. I love them so much I am getting more for my Flugel." - Mark

"Dear Rita,

Apart from it's intended purpose I bought this French horn guard for my Getzen Flugelhorn, and it worked perfectly! I did have to use a 40" shoe lace instead. But I mean it really fits like a glove. The leather is so beautiful and soft and I just want to let everyone know there is more than one use for this great piece of workmanship. Thanks, Mark"

"I have one on both my radials - excellent fit and quality. Highly recormmended." - Michael